Intuition - Allegra Goodman

I read a bunch of reviews and reactions to this book, and was struck by their enormous diversity, almost every one finding some different aspect of the book to highlight. That is surely the mark of an exceptionally rich novel. I can't add much, except to note that I'm pleased by the fact that the author wasn't afraid to include feminist commentary, something that only a few reviewers remarked on -- better that they should absorb it without noticing than that they should defensively reject it, that's for sure. Most of it is pointed out quite subtly, and in at least one case the subject of sly humor: when depicting Sandy's bullying treatment of his wife and daughters, talking over them and refusing to recognize any ambition that's not an extension of his own, she has him be especially shocked that one daughter wants to go into women's studies: "No one had ever dreamed of majoring in women's studies when Sandy was in college." Another example of her subtly amusing touches concerns the lovers-turned-enemies Cliff and Robin; Robin makes the discovery that irrevocably pits her against him on the way back from a wedding, leaving behind the white roses from her bridesmaid's dress, and Cliff later throws the smelly wilted bouquet in the trash. Character insights (sometimes a bit baldly stated) and beautiful tributes to the joys of research brighten the book. I did, however, skim over some of the parts concerning lawyers and politicians -- that was not the strong point.