Das Lächeln der Engel - Kristien Hemmerechts
Oh how people can make their family members suffer... in this novel we have a cast full of characters eaten by fear, guilt, and shame, strangled by the wish to be "nice", criticizing each other so "nicely" for "their own good", unable to outright enjoy anything, quietly tormenting people they think they love. The author seems to think this may be a malady of society -- not necessarily modern society, since she shows it handed down from the great-grandparents' generation, at least. It all lands with ultimate, destructive force on young Margot.

On the one hand, this is the study of Margot's parents failing to come to terms with her leaving them, and on the other hand it is Margot on a spiritual journey -- possibly deceptive, inspired by a false Messiah, but satisfying to her; I'm not going to state an opinion whether her end is a victory over her miserable past or a final succumbing to it.

I would say that this is a somewhat interesting book, but just not distinctive enough to inspire enthusiasm; there's something lacking to make it truly memorable.