The Muse of the Violets: Poems - Renee Vivien
When Renée Vivien wrote her first poems, she was way too much under the influence of Baudelaire's "femmes damnées". Remembering the perfumed embraces of your cold white arms, I burn to drink the bitter poison of your impure kiss! However, she did get better. There's a few interesting items here; "To the Unknown Divinity", "You for Whom I Wrote", "Let a Wave Take It..." There's a series of expansions on fragments of Sappho, which don't fare well next to the (apparent) simplicity of the originals. Some of the later poems actually express happy, satisfied love.

There are two translators here, and sometimes they both did a version of one poem. Sadly, Catharine Kroger's translations are lumpishly literal, and sometimes awkward to the point of unintelligibility. Margaret Porter fares much better at achieving a decent poem in English, in appropriately lavish style, though at the price of having to diverge far from the French text.