The Complete Maus: A Survivor's Tale - Art Spiegelman, Fred Jordon
This memoir documents the painful, embattled relationship between Art Spiegelman and his father Vladek, in the form of a record of several years of conversations where the author got his father to talk about his experiences during the Holocaust (he said, “a reader might get the impression that the conversations in the narrative were just one small part, a facet of my relationship with my father. In fact, however, they were my relationship with my father; I was doing them to have a relationship with my father. Outside of them we were still continually at loggerheads.”)

It is drawn in a sketchy, superficially unsophisticated style, which, besides that its darkness avoids inappropriately aestheticising its material, always shows the author's hand. A "smooth" style tries to erase the surface and become "just story" but that would be wrong here since the process of telling is an important part of it.