The Family Tree: Classic Essays on Family and Ancestors - Janet Marting
There were many selections here that made me want to read more by that writer. Some things I'd like to particularly mention are the excerpts from Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter (Simone de Beauvoir) and Brothers and Keepers (John Edgar Wideman); "The Seam of the Snail" (Cynthia Ozick), "Finding a Voice" (Eudora Welty), "Undesirable Husbands" (Daniel Defoe), "The Necessary Enemy" (Katherine Anne Porter), "The Forgiveness of Daughters" (Barbara Lazear Ascher), "On Being Raised by a Daughter" (Nancy Mairs), "Extended vs. Nuclear Families" (Carol Bly), "Like Mexicans" (Gary Soto).

As for the overall organization of the book: I'd quibble over the use of the word "Classic" because so many of these essays were only a decade or two old at the time of publication. But it's not the editor's fault if that was the marketing concept applied to the series. The selection is very heavily skewed toward US authors, but nicely diverse within that limit. I was not at all impressed by the discussion questions. In spite of the fact that almost all the essays included are truly excellent, the book is less than the sum of its parts.