The Horns of Elfland - Ellen Kushner, Delia Sherman, Donald G. Keller, John Brunner, Terri Windling, Jennifer Stevenson, Jane Emerson, Gus Smith, Jack Womack, Elizabeth Wein, Ray Davis, Michael Kandel, Gene Wolfe, Lucy Sussex, Susan Palwick
An unusually good anthology of fantasy stories on the theme of music. Not all winners, but that's true of any anthology. Notable stories include "The New Tiresias" by Jane Emerson (there's a fine human dimension to this story of an eighteenth-century girl growing up among the tangled motives of adults); "Audience" by Jack Womack (the Museum of Lost Sounds); "Flash Company" by Gene Wolfe; "Merlusine" by Lucy Sussex (this is a fun one); and "The Color of Angels" by Terri Windling. "Aïda in the Park" by Susan Palwick was also good, though flawed.